About Us

Flavor Freeze Sign
We have flavors galore! Check our Social Media to see what flavors we are currently offering.

Our History

Flavor Freeze started serving amazing homemade ice cream in our hometown of Elkhart, Indiana in 1966.

Our small, family-owned business was 100% focused on providing the highest quality food and service to our neighbors and friends in the Elkhart community.

Thanks to your love for our tasty treats, expansion soon followed to a second location.

Now, for over 51 years, Flavor Freeze has been serving Elkhart County delicious foods and the BEST ice cream treats in all of Northern Indiana.

Our Ice Cream

We recognize you can buy ice cream anywhere - but not like ours!

Flavor Freeze's exclusive ALL NATURAL, "straight from the farm" dairy mix is loaded with rich, creamy ingredients that provide the beginnings of an amazing ice cream experience. Then, we add a variety of delicious candies, nuts and sweets to transform our ice cream into a euphoric, must-have dessert.

This carefully monitored recipe results in a super-rich, smooth and creamy confection that's bursting with amazing flavor in every bite.


Of course, our all natural ice cream is also Gluten-Free!